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We take pride in our Members and our Club.

We wish to be of assistance to families who have lost loved ones and to pass on details and information regarding a members passing and their arrangements thereafter.

In the event of a Members passing details will be provided as shown below.

Pokesdown & Southbourne Ex-Servicemens' Club


It is with regret and great sadness that the Officers and Committee announce the death of

John Wright - Life Vice President.

His death was sudden and unexpected and his passing will be felt by many people who have known John over the past 50+ years at the club and beyond.

It was a rare occasion that John was not seen with a smile and full of enthusiasm for whatever he was doing.

More information over the next few days will be found here and on the notice board in the club.

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John Wright 1934 - 2022
Life Vice President

Roll Of Honour

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