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​At The Club we have different Club "Sections" .
Each Section is run by Club members and as a member
you can choose which of these sections you would like to take part in.
9 pin skittles.
Golf Section
The Golf section is one of the most active sections within the Club with Trips to different quality courses once a month between March and October. They also hold an annual dance organised by the section members themselves as well as other fundraising activities throughout the year.

Snooker Section

We have two superb snooker tables within the Club for everyones use in the smaller bar area. It costs just £1 for half an hours play. The Club snooker section also play within the local league and also in local cup competitions.

Darts Section

The Club has both Mens and Women's Darts teams competing in local leagues. The Ladies darts Team play Every Thursday and the Mens Team play every Friday.

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Thursday (Ladies) & Fridays (Mens)

Skittles Section

Every Tuesday night our Bowls Section is in action using our own unique in door Bowling/Skittle Alley. Also we have teams competing in outdoor Bowls in the local leagues.


EveryTuesday night from 8pm

Angling Section

We have a vibrant and active Angling Section within the Club.

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2 B announced
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