NEW RULES - SEPT 24th 2020

You have been brilliant, you have come out and supported your Club in previous months but now we need your support more than ever.

Times are a changing still and not back to any sense of normality.

Everything the Committee is doing is preparing the Club to function within new Government Regulations, so please bear with us.

As you will be aware as from this Thursday our doors will be closing at 10pm and we would ask our Members and guests to vacate the premises by then.

Last orders: 9.40pm

Drinking up time: 9.50pm

Doors close 10pm

A new working practice will be in force from this Thursday:

1. When entering the premises face masks should be worn,

unless exempt, until you are seated at a numbered table.

2. There will be table service, a member of staff will take your order,

and bring your drinks to you.

There will be no ordering or congregating at the bar

3. Please restrict your movement within the Club as much as possible

4. Remember the rule of 6. Staff will enforce this. Sorry but this is the current rule

5. Please reacquaint yourself with current signage and new signage.

A massive massive thank you to all our Members, guests, staff and Committee for your continued support which can see us through these strange and difficult times.

Further information will be posted as we go along, please help us to help the survival of your Club.

If you have any questions or want clarification on anything, please ask.



The show will start at 7:30pm to allow for the earlier closing time of 10pm.


From 6pm to 8:00pm

Steak £9 or Hunters Chicken £7

Pre-book by Friday morning

SEP 10th Update

Envelopes available now

£1 coin only per envelope is accepted

If other coins are used, the entry will be rejected.

Tote restarted on Sunday 30th August
Please place tote money in envelope in tote drawer in bar
Paying out only what we take in


In case you were not aware, the club has the fresh air ventilation on any time the club is open. The air-conditioners may be on but they do not affect the airflow, just moderate the temperature.

AUG 9th Update

Bingo restarted on Wed 19th Aug.

Super Lotto is back.

Tote is back

Friday Meat raffle is back

All our plans may have to be changed or postponed if Boris puts the brakes on of course.

Opening hours for the Club

We will be opening the Club at 12.00 noon each day. 

We would respectfully ask that you do not attempt to gain entry into the Club before these times; the closing times are the times that you must have vacated the club.   

                                                Open       Close

Monday to Thursday        12pm to 10pm

Fridays & Saturday            12pm to 10pm

Sundays                               12pm to 10pm



  • Mondays-Thursdays & Sundays

  • 1st Bell 9:40 2nd Bell 9:50

  • Fridays & Saturdays

  • 1st Bell 9:40 2nd Bell 9:50

Entry is by membership card only

When presented to the door entry pad, the security system records the

person, time and date of entry. 

This is to allow the club to fully adhere to the Government’s

Track and Trace System.

We have also agreed that one Member is allowed to sign in 2 guests at the discretion of the on duty Committee Member.

Sports Bar

As from Saturday 1st August, the Sports Bar was reopened to Members,  but, social distancing will still have to be observed.  There will be a limit of people allowed in the Sports Bar at any one time and if too many Members wish to use the Sports bar late entry Members will have to use the main room.  This is to ensure the safety of our staff and our Members.   

Members have preference over guests.

The rules currently observed in the main room will need to be observed in the Sports Bar.  Please help us to help you and your fellow Members. 


Polite request to all our Smokers, please do not smoke or congregate directly in front of the door, please smoke to the side, and if raining, please use the umbrellas supplied in the foyer. Please also observe social distancing rules in place even outside.

Live Entertainment will commence fortnightly

 Depending on the support given this may be more frequent in September and going forward.    Obviously the Club would ask that any guidance in place at that time is observed.


We are looking to commence other activities within the Club i.e.

Skittles, Quiz Night etc. when we are able.


Thank you for your continued patience and to all of our Members who have attended the Club since opening a Big Thank You, and to those Members who have not been able to attend so far, we look forward to seeing you as soon as possible.

Attendance is critical to the survival of the club, the extended hours and entertainments will only be possible if you support your club.



Please be aware, you must not come into the club if you are directed to self-isolate on returning from holiday destinations where the government has deemed you must do so for 14 days. You may come into the club on the 15th day after returning.

Membership, renewals and card replacement

Late renewals are accepted due to the lockdown.

Lost cards must be replaced, please your give details to the person on the door.


Illegal entry & exit

Anyone leaving the club by any other means than the front door may be suspended or barred.

Anyone opening a fire door to allow entry to another person may be suspended or barred from the club.

Standard rules

Things to take into consideration when attending the Club:

Entry by card only - No card, no entry

• Your name and time of entry will be recorded electronically in order to observe the Government’s rules on track and trace

• Two Guests per member

• Please observe social distancing

• Please use hand sanitizer on entering the Club

• Contactless payments preferred.

• Snooker players – One game only if names on board.

• When snooker game finished, please take all balls out of pockets and wipe clean using the wipes provided, and place back on table.

If you are the last player, please put the cover on the table.

• Own cues to be used - the Club's cues are not provided.

This is a generalized list of things the Club has to respectfully ask its Members to adhere to in the current climate.

When visiting the Club please ensure that you observe any signage placed on the premises.

Please use common sense at all times, if we are found not to be adhering to Government guidelines we may find ourselves in a position of having to close our doors again. Please help us to ensure that this does not happen.

Tropical Leaves
Royal Airforce Association

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We have a wide range of active sections within  The Club, such as Golf, Bowls, Darts etc

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